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Pieter brings to you a lifetime of experiences in the Limpopo Province. Although his family tree in South Africa dates back to the 18th century, their roots in this province all began in 1925 when his Grandfather first purchased land here. Pieter’s children are the fourth generation to live on this property. His native-born Father and Uncles were enthusiastic “Big Five” hunters. Following in their footsteps Pieter started hunting when he was only 5 years old!

His passion for wildlife evolved over the years and in the early 1990’s, due to his desire to share his intimate knowledge of the South African Bushveld and wildlife with others, he completed his Professional Hunting Course.

Pieter gained experience as a Professional Hunter and so appreciated guiding foreign hunters through their dream of hunting “The Dark Continent” that he decided to start his own outfitting company and established Cruiser Safaris in 1995. Because he owns the land, lodge, vehicles, etc. there is no need to lease those things or hunt on concessions where other outfitters hunt as well. He also has exclusive hunting rights on several concessions that we do hunt and advices those land owners for well-planned game management policies to insure sustainable numbers of healthy game. With Cruiser Safaris, you always know where you will be staying and that you will be hunting quality trophy animals.

Sable jakt med 1×1 jakt I 7 dager jakt inkludert 1 Sabel no limit på størrelse (max er 43”):
Allt inkl i 7 dager 1×1 jakt : 4000 euro.

Crown Safaris. Sør-Afrika. Limpopo. Tabazimbi.

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